About the LIMO 2023

The LIMO is a national mathematics competition in which students from universities in The Netherlands and Belgium solve Mathematics problems to become the best team of that year's LIMO. LIMO is an abbreviation for the Dutch phrase "Landelijke Interuniversitaire Mathematische Olympiade" and is organised by active members from study associations of the participating universities.

The problems that the participants try to solve are provided by established mathematicians and companies from The Netherlands and Belgium. The time span available for solving these problems is three hours. After these three hours, the exercises are checked by a group of volunteers and the winner is declared. On the day of the LIMO, there is also a campus tour with a nice lunch and the participants close the day with a dinner. The problems are diversified in difficulty, such that not only more experienced mathematics students can show off their mathematics skills, but first- or second year students can contribute something to the competition as well.

The 20th edition of the LIMO will take place on the 26th of May, 2023

Committee of Recommendation

Our committee of recommendation consists of the following people:

Roelof Bleker Roelof Bleker
Mayor of Enschede
Joost Kok prof.dr. Joost Kok
Dean faculty EEMCS

Arend Rensink prof.dr.ir. Arend Rensink
Portfolio Holder Education faculty EEMCS

Anton Stoorvogel prof.dr. Anton Stoorvogel
Program Director Applied Mathematics

Main Sponsor

We thank Transtrend for being the Main Sponsor of the LIMO 2023.